Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hola hola hola, coming at ya with one year more and a whole lot of inspiration from conference! 

My birthday was LEGIT! Thanks for all who wished me happy birthday! My companion wrote me a song, 

I dont know about vos but next year you´ll be viente dos! ( to the tone of 22 by taylor swift!) and we sang it all day. My comp woke up and made me breakfast and we got all ready for conference and CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST GIFT EVER! Shout out to my mom for being so cool like elder holland explained and giving birth to me!! And then at night we went to a recent converts house and she threw a FIESTA for me! She made a cake and they sang to me and I ate lots of pizza and dulce de leche!! YAY FOR BEING 21.

CONFERENCE WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all watched it and learned from it and NOW lets make some goals and put it in to practice!! I loved the one that gave the 4 goals that said 1. Go the second mile! 2. Smile 3. Share loving feelings! 4. Invite others to come unto christ!! (im translating all of this because I watched it in spanish!) ALSO, we should all do that invite to MEDITIZAR! Memorize/Ponder a scripture a week!! There were sooo many things that I loved. When they talked about the family it made me so greatful for my family. You are all so amazing and you´ve all helped me get to where I am today. Just like the newly called apostle Rasband, I am am who I am because of my parents, my siblings, and all the amazing friends that have helped me along the way and NOW i get to help others! WHich is the best thing ever!!

this week I did exchanges with Hermana Candia from Argentina in a place called Aldo Bonzi. We got there and she was a new missionary and I had never met her. She explained to me that she was serving for a year in brazil and had to come home for health problems and she got re assigned to our mission. I told her HEY I WENT HOME TOO! So now there are 2 sisters in the mission who went home and came back! BUT we were walking and she heard an 18 year old boy speaking portugese so she went up and talked to him. We ended up teaching him and his uncle and they ONLY spoke portugese but they understood spanish. I TAUGHT A LESSON IN PORTUGESE! I understood everything they told me (GIFT OF TONGUES!) and I would speak in spanish but they understood me! THE SPIRIT WAS SOOO STRONG! They are so prepared and want to be baptized! These poor sisters have been looking for investigators for months and they finally found some that are AWESOME! The lord is so great!

I just am so thankful I am here in the mission. Each day I am blessed to be able to represent Jesus Christ and share this gospel. I am going to keep going with all i have until my very last day. I know this is the church of jesus christ, the only true church on the face of the earth and I love inviting ALL to pray and ask god if its the truth. Ive seen how people have changed there life as they have come to know their savior personally. I know God lives, I know Christ is my savior, and I know that we have the church restored to the earth  today! Even if you already have a testimony of these things, or even if you dont, PRAY AND ASK GOD! And you will get an answer! 

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!

Chau chauu!

1. Exchanges with hermana candia!
2. Exchanges in Aldo Bonzi!
3. My super awesome comp and I after Leadership Council! 
4. What I woke up to on my birthday!!
6. IM 21!!
8. My birthday cake!
9. Mercedes! She threw my surprise birthday party!

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