Sunday, January 17, 2016

Families can be JUNTOS PARA SIEMPRE! (8/24/15)

Helllllooo family! 

Okay, well no big deal, this week was just the best week of my entire life!!!! Lets start from monday, after p-day we had a lesson with Familia Gattuso and we made plans to go to the temple Saturday morning before their baptism (theres a new rule that we can give tours to investigators in the temple!!!) The two girls, Yazmin and Giuliana and their mom Adriana! SOO we visited them with like every member in the ward during the week and kept them super excited for their baptism and when saturday came, EVERYTHING TURNED OUT AMAZING! We all met up in the bus stop at 8 and got to the temple by 8:30. We ate breakfast outside on the lawn and then took pictures and started the tour. We went into the waiting room and we talked about how in the temple we can be married not only for this life but for the life after this life. Adriana started to cry and we explained how she can be sealed to her husband and her children. She told us how that is exactly what she wants and that shes not going to let cigarettes keep her from having an eternal family (she smokes and until she stops she cannot get baptized) The girls told us how they arent going to settle for anything less than a temple married and it made me feel so happy. This family changed so much and its was so beautiful seeing the light of christ in these 3 women. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! It changes the hearts of the people!!!

Saturday at 6 was their baptism and President Thurgood and his wife came!! It was so beautiful. We sang and everyone told me I can sing good!! WHOO! haha but honestly, you cannot express the joy that one feels seeing someone you love get baptized. I am so thankful god gave me this opportunity to meet them. Their dad, (who has been inactive for over 10 years) came up to me and said, thank you for going on a mission. You´ve changed my family forever. I immedietely started to cry and I told him that Heavenly Father was the one who changed them, I am just an instrument. He said how him and his wife made the goal to get sealed and that he is now going to come back to church and that very soon he will be baptizing his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! He had an interview with bishop on sunday and the whole ward is just accepting and loving and helping the whole family!! ITS SUCH A MIRACLE!!!

ANOTHER MIRACLE! A less active family that we are teaching have put the goal to get sealed in January and they asked me if I would be there!! YAYY FOR ETERNAL FAMILIES!

On a more light note, this week I fell in a ditch! and dont worry it wasnt just any ditch, it was a sewage ditch. We were in the ghetto and we had to cross this ditch to get to a house. I jumped and I thought I was going to clear it, but because of the mud I fell RIGHT in. Poop all the way up to my upper thighs and my planner floating. My companion DIED laughing. I didnt know if I should cry or laugh. We were about an hour from the house walking so we took the bus and the bus driver almost didnt let me on because i smelled SOO bad. He said if I didnt have such pretty eyes he would have left me! And I have no pictures to prove it either :( But yeah, not everyone can say that in their mission they swam in poop and pee and a bunch of trash. WHOO yayy for the mission! 

Yeah so that is my wonderful week! I love the mission and I love ALL the blessings that God is giving me! I am sooo blessed. I love argentina, I love luis guillón and and all of these experiences I am having. I am so grateful I was able to come back to the mission and be a part of this great work! 

Love you all!! 

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