Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What a Week! (10/26/15)

Hola a todos! QUE SEMANA. 
the truth is that I dont know where to start. This week has been insane! So many good things but also so many hard trials, but its just like life!

On monday we went bowling with my district and it was SOOO fun! The bowling alleys here are SOO ghetto but its so awesome. 

Then the madness started. First off, on monday night we had a meeting with our investigator walter. HE IS CRAZY. I swear, he has SOO much potential but he has SUCH A HARD HEART! We talked to him about the authority and how the priesthood must come from the laying on of hands. Christ gave the authority to his apostles but when christ and all the apostles died, the authority was lost from the earth because they didnt pass it on to another. SO it was necessary that we had a restoration. BUT he just doesnt understand. God will always do the same things! Why would he change up his way of doing things and allow ALL men to have the authority without the laying on of hands from someone who already has it! It just makes sense. But its okay, we are going to keep being patient and teaching him with the spirit and HE WILL UNDERSTAND someday!

Fun fact: After the lesson ended it was raining and we were frustrated so we started jumping in all the rain puddles as it was pouring down rain. 

THEN the craziness began! We have to do exchanges with 8 girls in the 6 week transfer and we are running out of time so this week we did 2 exchanges. And lets just say, the two companionships HATE each other. I got to listen to two girls complain about their companions and I had to just be the person that told them, hey girls, humble yourselves! your comp probably drives you insane, but you have to change or things never will! I felt a little inadiquit this week because I didnt know all the advice to give but the Lord really helped me. Im learning so much being a sister training leader. I feel like leadership positions mainly are to help the leader more than the `people we serve!

We also got to bring our convert to the temple and another member went through the temple because shes leaving on her mission!! It was so Awesome!!

THEN SATURDAY CAME! Basically, it was the longest day of my life. We stayed up all night making decorations for Andreas baptism and we then had ward council in the morning, cleaned and decorated and then the party began. THE BAPTISM WAS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! 75 people came!! (there were more people at the baptism than at sacrament meeting!) The young woman sang her a beautiful song and everyone was there to support her! It was such a wonderful experience. I love being able to be apart of this great work. 

This is probably my comp and I´s last week together! Transfers are next week and we are sad about it. We´ve seen so many miracles this transfer and I hate how the time is going so fast! 

Love you all! 

les AMOOO! 
1. Happy birthday Dad!
2. Andreas baptism!

4. Baptism decorations!

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