Tuesday, January 19, 2016

hola hola hola hi (12/7/15)

what a week! 
the weeks just go by so fast. 
I feel like I am writing these weekly letters everyday!!!

Happy nineteen months in the mission to me! 19 months ago today I started this crazy adventure! And boy am I so thankful for it!! My comp and I are going to celebrate going to subway and waiting 100 pesos.. which is a lot of money! Thanks mom for sending us cash!! 

Lets start off with the investigators! Remember walter?? The difficult investigator, yeah well.. we started teaching him again! He was SUCH A HARD HEART! But, we had a stellar experience with him. He doesnt believe that there can be prophets on earth today and we read a talk with him explaining how in the old days, god called prophets and he gave them the priesthood to help and guide us. We asked him, Walter, do you think we dont need guidance from god now? and he said no we need it but no one is called of god in these days! And using the bible we were able to show him how god is the same TODAY AND FOREVER so we MUST have prophets!! He came to a ward activity this week and we have an appointment tonight! WE SHALL SEE!!

NEXT! We were walking down the street and we found a woman named maria rosa! SHES 70 and she wants to be baptized!!!!!! Its insane, she looks just like the woman off the golden girls. She went to church yesterday and has a baptism date for the 19th! Basically, shes the coolest grandma. And she calls me her little american! 

NEXT, daniela. Well, this week she finished high school and here in Buenos Aires they sure like to party. So she was planning on going to all of these parties and it just wasnt a good idea. It was going to be a HORRIBLE enviroment SO, my companion and I started to pray and pray and pray. We fasted as well so that she would not want to go to the party. GUESS WHAT! She got all ready and went on friday night. She got there and all of a sudden just felt angry and didnt want to be there SO SHE WENT HOME. THEN on saturday, she wanted to go to the next party AND SHE GOT SICK and started reading the book of mormon and decided to stay home!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES HAPPEN. She told us that she doesnt want to surround herself with those kinds of things anymore and she went to church yesterday and her baptism date is also for the 19th of diciembre! WHOOO!! 

Funny story, this week I got on the bus, and it was really full. The driver drove INSANE and slammed on the breaks and I fell and knocked over 3 more people. The whole bus stared at me and I felt really stupid. 

Also we are teaching a family and they asked me, Hermana Root, what do you want for christmas? And I answered, Watermelon. Because watermelon is SOOO expensive here. 150 pesos!! And my companion wants a box of trix cereal which is 70 pesos. Who would have ever thought that I would want a watermelon for christmas. 

This week I had exchanges with Hermana Patiño from California. Shes so sweet! She is just starting her mission and it made me think about when I started mine. I have grown so much and I wouldnt trade it for the world. 

We had Leadership Council this week and I just cant believe how fast the months are going by. Hermana Thurgood talked about a talk from Elder Renlund that says that something special happens in a missionaries life when they realize their mission isnt about them. I thought about this quote all week. Its not just the mission, this applies to live. SOmething special happens in our lives when we realize that HEAVENLY FATHER gave us our lives, its really not ours. We owe it to him and we should do all we can to serve him. 

Other than that, I am doing great. This week is the end of this transfer and we are praying that we stay together, Hermana Silva and I! 


& i love jesus and I love all of you!

1. Consejo de liderazgo!
2. Exchanges with Hermana Patiño
3. My companion and I have the same cumple mes! She started May 7th too and today she completed 7 months and me 19!
oh ya family, i like ketchup now! 
4. A savior was born so I could have an eternal family!

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