Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunburnt Shey Shey... (11/9/15)

Hellllooo familia! What a week! 
Lets just say summer is in FULL force here in good ole tina and I AM ONE BURNT HERMANA! 

This week was, hands down, the best week of my entire mission! (I always say that but seriously, it was awesome!) 

MY COMP= BEST THING EVER! We started this transfer off with few investigators and no one really progressing BUT we put goals as we started the transfer and lets just say we have seen SOOOO many miracles this week. 

On saturday I hit my 18 month mark! I CANT BELIEVE IT! To celebrate we bought ice cream, and then we realized that we both had lice. 
I hate lice. 
so i spent all my money buying shampoo to kill my little bugs in my hair.

First off, we had something called Gira Misional. Elder Spitali, a 70, came and we had a day full of LEARNING! We had a womans meeting and I got to traslate for the hermana thurgood and it was so special! We talked about the worth of woman in the church today. We need men, but we need the love and nurturing the women can give!! Sister Spitali answered a lot of questions and just gave us a lot of energy! We then all met together and president thurgood and elder spitali talked and they said that he never wants us to ask ourselves [ WHAT WOULD have happened if I would have talked to that person? I have tried my whole mission to think that. May times we get prompted to talk and because we get nervous we dont, but we never know what could come out of sharing the gospel with one person. That really inspired me. I talk to man people each day but I decided that no matter WHERE i was, I am going to talk to everyone! WELL, we got done with the meeting and we got on the bus. A woman got on and we were in the back and she was in the front. I felt that we needed to talk to her. She looked just so sad. So I made the plan that a few stops before we got off, we would get up, and talk to her. WELL, she got up and got off the bus. I freaked. I wanted to follow the spirit and so I got up, and just jumped off the bus. Luckily, my comp is the best and just followed me. We talked to her and she rejected us. We then had to walk like 40 blocks because we got off to early. It made me think, why did heavenly father prompt me to talk to her if she really didnt even want the gospel? And I just felt a calm feeling that Heavenly father was testing me to see if I would do what I commited to do and luckily, i followed through. I learned a huge lesson that day.

ALSO, we made the goal that we were going to find a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR! So, we asked for references and we got one from a less active family. We went to contact her and she is named Daniela and shes 18. BASICALLY SHES THE BEST THING EVER! She accepted a baptism date and we taught the restoration.We told her we would never force her or anything, she just needed to ask god if it was true and she would know. So we said she prayed right after we left and she told us that she felt her whole body just fill with peace. She told us how she had had an abortion and she has never felt happy since but when she prayed she knew that what we taught was true because it changed her. I LOVE THE GOSPEL! I LOVE THE RESTORTATION!

ALSO, we decided on friday that we were going to fill our backpacks with book of mormons and give them away knocking on doors. WE FOUND AWESOME PEOPLE!

My companion is a member of just 2 years but she literally is the best thing ever. She pushes me and I push her. We are obedient, we are focused, and I have never been so happy in my life. I love this work. I love being a missionary. I know what God is preparing the hearts of the people and that we will find ALL the people that are searching for this truth. 

 I love you all! And pray for you each and every day!

Les extraño y les amo!
Have fun shipping cows! I will just be here in tina, getting sunburned, and avoiding lice.

1. Chau Hermana Ostler!
3. Gura Misional
4. Hermana Silva
5. Celebrating 18 months and 6 months ( we started the mission both on May 7th ) and getting rid of our lice!

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