Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last Transfer!! Here we go! (12/14/15)

hey hey hey! 
guess what!
BANFIELD 1 WITH HERMANA SILVIA! We didnt have transfers and we are PUMPED. 
Also, its so hot that I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE IT! 
It was 100 degrees and like 100 perfect humidity! 
AND we only have fans that blow around hot air. My life is SOOOO awesome!

This week we WORKED. 
We have been talking to everyone about christmas and sharing the A savior is born card with ALL! Everyone is happier around christmas time. We did an awesome zone activity this week and we went to Lomas de Zamora (which is like New york city times square) and we SANG CHRISTMAS carols! It was AWESOME. It was like 100 degrees, we were all sweating, and we sang and lots of people stopped and we had 5 missionaries that went up and talked to people and got their addresses. Christmas is about CHRIST and i love helping people understand that!

This week I had exchanges with Hermana Flake. Shes one of my greatest friends here in the mission and she went home today! She finished the mission!! She really inspired me. I want to finish the mission with FIRE. I am working my hardest even though I am exhausted and my whole body hurts, the ONLY WAY we can be happy is if we are obedient and WORK hard! If the mission has taught me 2 things it is that, OBEDIENCE AND WORK MAKES FOR A HAPPY LIFE!

We had a little hard week because our golden investigator is not making the best of decisions this week. She basically just fell off the face of the earth. We have called and went to her house every day and her parents dont even know where she went. We were SO sad and we sat down on a bench in the street and stared to cry. She was SO close to being baptized and we said a prayer in the street and asked God what we needed to do. I opened up the Book of mormon to Moroni 7:41  And what is it that ye shall hope for? Behold say untoyou that ye shall have hope through the atonement ofChrist and the power of his resurrection, to be raised untolife eternaland this because of youfaith in him accordingto the promise.

I realized I NEED TO HAVE HOPE. I am a missionary of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, I am sharing the most AMAZING message, WHY AM I CRYING! I got up and I told my companion, lets go. We dont have time to waste sitting down. There are people to find. We are talking to everyone and we are basically without investigators but I KNOW we will find them. I know that we will find the people god is preparing because we are doing our best to be obedient and follow the spirit. Thats ALL god asks of us!

Im ready for the BEST 6 WEEKS OF MY LIFE!

Love you all!
Happy birthday MOM!

Hermana Root
1. Today I saw my BEST FRIEND! Hermana Latoja!!! 
2. Happy birthday MOM!
3. Exchanges withHERMANA FLAKE!
4. On the bus!

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