Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Week Down! (11/30/15)

Hey hey familia, how are you doing? I loved all the pictures of thanksgiving! I am so jealous. Seeing the pictures of green jello and soup made me want to cry. I WANT REAL FOOD. I WANT AMERICAN FOOD! We are going to have another thanksgiving dinner when I get home okay?

This week was fantastic but also very trying. The lord is trying our patience right now. Banfield is a fabulous area. We are working hard and being very diligent but, not everything happens in our time. We are looking for new investigators and we are TALKING TO EVERYONE. But, the people are getting more and more hard of heart. BUT we know that the Lord is preparing people to hear our message, we just have to find them!

We did have some great miracles this week! FIRST OFF. One day we were walking down the street and we told 2 women hi. They looked at us and said Are you jehovas witnesses? and we were like NO! we are missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints! We then started talking and one was a less active and the other was named Sandra. She has been fighting depression and feels like god doesnt have a plan for her! So we started sharing with her a little part of our message and shes like, this week I will be out of town but next week please come by. I want to hear what you have to say. I have a good feeling about you girls!!!!! WHOOOOO! SO this week we are going to teach sandra and I have a great feeling about this one!

ANOTHER miracle was that we were walking down the street, and said hi to another woman, and said why are you telling me hi, you dont know me? And we quickly answered and said we are happy because we know god loves us and has restored his church, so we talk to all the people!! And we know he loves you too! The woman started to cry and told us she had just lost a son, shes from italy, and feels like she has no purpose. SHE ALSO gaves us her address!!!!!!! The lord is putting the people in our path. Just by saying hello, you can share the gospel!

Bad news, Daniela the perfect investigator? Remember her? Yeah well she isnt SOOO perfect. Shes finishing school this week so she has been partying and doing what 18 year olds do when they finish school and she didnt go to church again... SOO her baptism wont be until the 19th of december. But, oh well. Lets just hope we can help her see that the gospel is the MOST important thing in the whole world! 

MIRACLE! WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK and it was soooo awesome. I loved every second of it. You can feel the spirit so strong in the house of the lord. I know that temples are the house of God. If you dont believe me, go and step on any temples grounds and you will the peace!! 
We had a zone conference that really motivated me. This work is the hardest work on earth, but its worth it. i LOVE being a missionary and even though every day people yell things at us and slam the door in our face, we will keep going because we know this is the truth and we know it can change peoples lives. 

All of you need to watch this, 

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I love you all! I miss you a lot, but I am so thankful for you. 
I´ll see you all soo soon. 

Besos y abrazos!

Hermana Root

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