Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hola Familia! (11/16/15)

Hola familia!
What a week seriously. The time is going by SUPER slow in the heat but at the same time I cant believe it´s already monday! The weeks feel like days sometimes. 
This week we WORKED. Basically we are talking to everyone and are trying so hard, and we have seen so many miracles!! 

NBD, today my MTC companions go home and my BEST FRIEND HANNIE! I cant believe i left for the mission before all these nerds and I´ll be the last one to finish! OMG MOM I HAVE MY TRAVEL PLANS! I FEEL LIKE ITS NOT REAL. haha But GOOD NEWS, WE ARE HAVING A ZONE CONFERENCE THANKSGIVING DAY IN THE TEMPLE!!!! We get to go inside and do a session and IM PUMPED! 

So basically, we have the BEST INVESTIGATOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Her name is Daniela and she is perfect! haha we have taught her basically all the lessons and she already has a testimony. She LOVES to read the book of mormon and she is just so diligent! She does all the things we invite her to do and yesterday she went to church and all the YW just SWARMED Her! THey all love her and they are going to go to a YSA dance this weekend! She loved church and she is just so prepared. During sacrament meeting she was sitting with Andrea, the girl who just got baptized and I just got this sweet feeling saying, this is why you had to come home, you had to find her., And i was just filled with so much joy. It was the hardest thing ever going home, but now I am enjoying the blessing. THATS JUST HOW LIFE IS. We go through hard times, but we always  end up happier if we make good choices! JUST FOLLOW THE GOSPEL AND WE WILL BE HAPPY!

ALSO, huge miracle. A year a go my trainer started to teach a family. They too this day are 100% faithful but, the mom needs to get divorsed and then re married to her boyfriend and here in argentina getting divorsed is really hard. SO the bishop said that we needed to wait to baptized the kids until the mom can come. WELL this week bishop was like, hermanas, Dionella and Thiago should be baptized. They have been so faithful throughout this year. SOOO we are going to have 2 baptisms, and maybe even this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE THE COOLEST KIDS EVER! And they have such strong testimonies!!

This week I had exchanges with Hermana Walters from California and we are basically BESTIES. Shes so cool! We had to walk the ENTIRE day. literally 5 hours of walking in the heat without stopping BUT we love jesus so we will do anything!!

I am super exhausted but super happy. My comp and I are working so hard because we know that there are people waiting for us. We all got invited to read the book of mormon before april and i want to invite all of you as well. THE book of mormon is the way to get to know christ. If you want to answer your questions, become a better person, or find out if the church is true... READ THE BOOK. Its the KEY of our religion and it will change your life. Its changed mine. We are giving out a book of mormon each day and its so awesome. Dont get me wrong, i love the bible. Juan is my favorite book but the book of mormon COMPLETES the bible. God always sends 2 witnesses and the book of mormon is a testimony of Christ here in America. READ IT!
You wont regret it!

Just a few weeks more!!

1. We made ELOTO! (MEXICAN CORN!) and we had a corn eating contest. 
2. We love walking in the rain, ALL DAY LONG

3. Its not exchanges if there isnt HELADO DE GRIDO! (ICE CREAM!)
4. Hermana Walters and I!
6. Cute foot tan
7. Look hard for my companions motivational sign she made during language study.....

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