Sunday, January 17, 2016

Member Power! (9/7/15)

Seriously, ever week is just SO AWESOME here in Tina. Its starting to get SUPPPER HOT AND I HATE IT BUT OH WELL. We are working so hard and seeing SOOO many miracles. I have no doubt this is the Lord´s work. We are just his instruments and he is guiding us!

This week we had zone conference and it was DA BOMB! We talked about working with the members. Literally, without members, THERE IS NOT MISSIONARY WORK! My companion and I made the goal to invite members to go with us EVERY SINGLE DAY! It doesnt matter if we have appointments or not, we are going to invite them all so that they can see what its like to be a missionary. When a member is in the lesson, EVERYTHING CHANGES. As missionarys, the investigators often think we are perfect (but we arent) but when they see their friend, family member, neighbor etc. testify of the truthfulness of the gospel, THATS WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS! So, whenever the missionaries ask you to go with them, GO! Because sometimes we have to call every member in the entire ward to get someone who is willing to spend 2 hours with us!! The other night we had to call 11 families until 1 said they would accompany us!!

Funny story, so we have to use the trains here all the time and my companion and I were running to get on the train and my companion walked in, AND THE DOOR SHUT ON ME! I couldnt get inside! They had to stop the whole train to get me out.... how embarrassing. haha ALSO, i almost hit a pizza man with my bike this week.. I just ran over his foot.. no big deal! 

More funny stories: On thursday we had SO many appointments but they were all really spead out. Our area is HUGE! so we would get done with one, hop on the bike, fly to the next one, y etc. SO my companion and I were in a super sketchy part and her chain broke on her bike. SOO what do we do, she held onto my backpack and I pulled her all around Guillon for the rest of the day. It would be like biking down downtown portland pulling your companion everywhere you go (and dont forget we had our super cute helments ) So EVERYONE was staring at us. haha 

MIRACLE TIME! We found the BEST investigator this week. Her name is Pamela and shes 21, she has a 3 year old and we found her in the bus! She was sitting down by me and I started talking to her and we ended up teaching the plan of salvation to her in the bus, we then went to her house and we taught her how to pray and she said her first prayer and IT WAS SOOO AWESOME. She got done and started to cry and told us how she has tried to pray many times in her life but never knew how and she said how she felt so close to God while she prayed. We told her that was the spirit and she accepted a baptism date! WHOOO! 

ALSO, we are teaching a woman named Sandra. She lives in very poor circumstances and they literally have nothing. Not even running water. She has a son named Luciano and he is 8 and doesnt know how to read. So we are teaching him how to read with the book of mormon. Yesterday we gave him the book of mormon (but for kids with pictures and such) and he told us, ¨wow hermanas, no one has ever given me a gift. This is the most wonderful book I have ever seen!¨ It filled me with so much joy. There is nothing like being with these people so humble. The littlest things make them so happy and the love I have for them is eternal. I love my area and my investigators so much. 

Yesterday a member shared her testimony and she said we are all celestial beings living in a fallen world where we dont belong. ITS SO TRUE. We are here in the earth to learn and grow but we dont belong here. We all have the potential to live in the presence of god and we need to make it possible so that EVERYONE can make it back to him. We all want to live with our families forever but God too wants to live with his family forever AND THAT FAMILY IS ALL OF US! We have to help everyone make it back to him! 

I love you all! 
Thanks for being so awesome family. 

HEY and listen to what skye said, we have pioneer heritage so we need to live faithful to the legacy they left us. They didnt cross the plains for nothing! Go skye for being so awesome and doing family history. ALL OF YOU NEED TO DO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY okay! 

Con amor, 
hermanita root! 

1. Zone conference with my favorite Americas!
2. Biking in the Villa!
3.  This is the Country (or aka where everyone throws their trash so they dont have to pay for garbage service )

4. Hermana Latoja and I! WE LOVE HELMATS!

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